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1: Slam Book under upgradation.
2. Johari Window!!!
3. A Cool Game
4. I am a Batman!!!!

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today, so don't forget to sign my Guestbook.


It'll be rite back.
Jus' havin a bath ;)
Sumit Sharma aka Smitz
November 23, 1986
Civilord, PEC
Freelance Web Designer
I have been watchin some movies and Amnesia has really frightened me. So, I wanted to be ready for it ;) And ofcourse I'll be gettin a tattoo with this address on my ... somewhere, haven't really decided.

  Hello Guys,
  My Greetings to all, without sounding British.
  I am back with a new (and I hope, a better) version of my World. Hope you have
  a better view on the inside, this time.
  The theme may seem like Santa Claus Inspired, but trust me if you will, it is not.
  Anyways, back to the point....
Stop reading this crap... and have a look around, there are
  better things in here.
  This time, I would like to make this a frequent visit site rather than another of my visit 1 time-laugh a li'l-   never come back ventures. Though I'll like to retain the humor part ;) . Lets See what I can pull off, and if   you have some suggestions, the nicer ones, please post it on the Guestbook, or Shout it in the Shoutbox,   or just email me.


Wazzup these days!!
After the Kasauli trip, all about which i'll be writin in a short while.
And for more, the gang's had a freak out on September 26, pictures of which should be up soon.
Also if you couldn't wait, you're welcome to see my orkut album.

People said it was impossible, but i was born for it.